Case study: a virtual merch booth for a streaming-only festival

In June 2020, when the whole world began to settle into a reality with no more live shows, we provided the entire virtual festival merchandise experience for the streaming-only Tohuwabohu Festival, which featured festival shirts as well as band merch for entire lineup including Samael, Cellar Darling, Illumishade and Kassogtha. That's festival shirts, band shirts, and the entire website with fully integrated e-commerce.

Thanks to our print on demand approach, we were able to provide the full line of merchandising without any advance production costs, shipping to fans in some 20 countries on four continents and providing a crucial source of income for the involved artists and crew in what was otherwise a bleak and desperate situation for the music industry.

There were no caps on the amount of shirts or sizes for sale. There were no creative limits when designing the merch. The shirts were up and shipping instantly without the need for a “pre-order” tag. There are no leftovers sitting in a corner somewhere. There was no need to sell off extra stock at little to no profit. Just like Tohuwabohu Festival was among the first of its kind as a streaming-only festival, we proved that merch booths can go virtual, too.

Got your own virtual festival planned, or other innovative ideas in need of a merch solution? We'd love to hear from you.