For the love of metal merch

Zero risk, zero leftovers, zero hassle. From exclusive merch drops to pop-up shops and full online stores: we handle your merch campaigns — print on demand and fully managed.

A better merch experience for artists & fans

Top quality with zero risks & zero hassle.

Our merch is printed on demand and shipped directly to the fans from our partners on two continents. This allows you to offer a virtually unlimited product selection, without ending up with leftovers or investing anything up front.

• We work only with the best of the best suppliers and carefully vet the quality of our products.

• Our products are sourced with sustainability in mind: all are 100% no sweatshops & eco-friendly, and many are vegan, down to the ink used in the print.

• We ship from both Europe and North America and try to reduce the environmental impact of shipping as much as possible. 

In addition to tees, we can offer women’s apparel, hoodies, beanies, mugs, art prints, calendars — you name it, we’ll find it.

Plus, everything is fully managed: you simply provide the designs and product ideas, we take care of the rest.

Innovative ways to offer merch

We specialise in exclusive merch dropspop-up stores, limited items, special campaigns, mini storefronts, and innovative sales channels. For example:

• Exclusive designs, available to order only for a limited period.

• Pop-up stores that can appear and disappear quickly, perfect for creative merch campaigns.

• Seasonal merch drops — a collection of hoodies, sweatshirts and beanies for the winter, a new shirt for the summer, or limited designs for specific holidays.

• Merch for events and campaigns — live streams, single releases, halloween, black friday — you name it.

• Special collections that aren’t feasible otherwise — think, a shirt for each song of an album, or any other series with nearly unlimited options.

• Have lots of ideas, but prefer doing your own thing? Use a quick print-on-demand merch drop to test the popularity of your designs!

Connecting you with your fans.

We help your merch reach your fans through landing pages easily shareable on social media, in our marketplace, via embeddable widgets you can position on your own websites, directly on Social Media, and more. And we don’t just put your stuff online to see what happens, but will actively drive your sales by deploying our expertise in merch promotion and social media marketing. Read more about our sales channels and marketing approach by clicking the button below!

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A top-notch shopping experience.

We want fans to enjoy a shopping experience on par with today’s benchmarks, whether they order from a major corporation or an indie artist. And we want artists to reach their fans and access their support in a way that lives up to the standards they set in their art. We know our tech as well as our merch, and we are proud Shopify partners and Squarespace Circle members.

Looking for a full shop solution?

If you’re looking for a more substantial setup, we can set up and manage full online stores with virtually unlimited print-on-demand merch collections and the same fair royalties, high quality standards, availability guarantee, and fan-friendly service pioneered by our merch drops and landing pages.

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