Black Tee Merch: for the love of metal merch.

Our mission is to create a better merch experience for artists and fans. We never run out of sizes, we ship globally at fair rates, and our customer service kicks a**. We sell merch on behalf of bands and other artists within the metal universe, as well as our own collections.

  • Our items are printed on demand, which reduces waste, guarantees availability to fans, and limits financial risk for artists.
  • We take quality serious and work only with the best suppliers.
  • Our products are sourced with sustainability in mind: all are 100% no sweatshops & eco-friendly, and many are vegan, down to the ink used in the print.
  • We ship from both Europe and North America and try to reduce the environmental impact of shipping as much as possible. 

We love merch. We also love music, art, and e-commerce — and we believe that art and commerce don’t have to collide, if both are created with passion and put the fan first. Black Tee Merch is part of KM Music and benefits from over 15 years of merchandising, touring, and music industry experience in rock and metal. Our company was founded by musicians, touring crew, and, first and foremost, metal fans. We are proudly independent, accountable to nobody but fans and artists, and committed to keeping it that way.