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Quoth The Raven: A tribute to Edgar Allan Poe

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Our mission is to create a better merch experience for artists and fans. We never run out of sizes, we ship around the globe, and our customer service kicks a**. We've got 15 years of experience in rock & metal music, and we don’t just love band merch: we also launch our own collections and limited merch drops for visual artists within the broader metal universe.

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Then you know what our wardrobe looks like (yes, it's mostly black band tees). We ship globally, our customer service cares, and we think that supporting independent artists and merchants shouldn't come with a subpar shopping experience.

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How does this sound: Zero risk, zero lead time, zero leftovers, zero order minimums, and zero hassle. We believe that art and commerce don’t have to collide, if both are created with passion and put fans first.

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