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Premium quality organic garments printed using vegan ink. From bands & visual artists in the metal universe

For the love of metal merch: our mission is to create a better merch experience for both fans and artists, with core values of quality, fairness, and sustainability.

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A tribute to Lovecraft
This tribute to H. P. Lovecraft was created by the incomparable Jeff Grimal using the dot technique. Premium crew neck tee, 100% organic & vegan! Also available as girlie & longsleeve.
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Rock'n'roll is suicide
Guitar Man by Thomas Ott is one of our absolute favourites. Apparently, Guillermo del Toro now owns the original drawing. Also available as girlie & longsleeve!
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Artist spotlight

Costin Chioreanu

Opeth, Katatonia, Emperor, Ghost, Ulver, Cellar Darling, Soen, Killer Be Killed, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth, and many more: Costin Chioreanu is the artist behind countless beloved covers, videos, merch designs, and collaborations in metal in recent years. Now, some of his works are part of an exclusive merch drop.

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Band spotlight

Tar Pond: Protocol of Constant Sadness

We are proud to host the official merch store of the Swiss anti-supergroup Tar Pond.

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We love merch

Our mission is to create a better merch experience for artists and fans. We never run out of sizes, we ship around the globe, and our customer service kicks a**. We've got 15 years of experience in rock & metal music, and we don’t just love band merch: we also create our own collections, as well as stores and merch drops for visual artists within the broader metal universe.

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We love metal

If you're a metalhead, you know what our wardrobe looks like (yes, there's a lot of black tees). With 15 years of experience in rock & metal, we pay industry-leading royalties to artists, care deeply about treating their fans well, and are passionate about keeping quality high and shipping charges low.

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We provide services ranging from limited merch drops and one-off campaigns to complete online stores and merch management.